The National Sustainable Spice Programme (NSSP) initiative has been jointly undertaken by the World Spice Organisation (WSO – the technical arm of All India Spices Exporters Forum), Spices Board of India, IDH (The Sustainable Trade Initiative) and GIZ Global Project (Private Business Action for Biodiversity) to address the human, social, economic and environmental issues faced by the industry.

The primary objective of the initiative is to focus on “Food Safety and Sustainability” in the major spice-growing areas in the country.

Spices are important crops in global trade and commerce. Farmers across the world are facing several problems including uncertainties regarding market prices, adverse climatic situations, and pests and diseases, which contribute to the challenges faced by farmers. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides, mono cropping system and loss of forests and habitat are major issues leading to loss of biodiversity.

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