National Sustainable Spice Programme (NSSP) is a sector-wide platform that brings together stakeholders from public and private sectors, as well as smallholder farmer groups on one platform, to address social, economic and environmental issues in the spices industry in India.

NSSP Vision: To make 25% of the major spices grown in India sustainable by 2025

Challenges in Indian Spice Industry

Food safety is being risked by injudicious use of pesticides and contaminants, which leads to the presence of mycotoxins and contaminants in the produce

High dependency on chemical fertilizers is also leading to substantial depletion in soil health

Lack of implementation of good hygiene practices

Exploitation of natural resources and pollution is contributing to climate changes and new disease outbreak in crops

Structural challenges and lack of access to knowledge and technology is resulting in low productivity

Biodiversity is being threatened by overexploitation of forest and extensive deforestation

How NSSP Works?



Developing Partnerships and collaborations with industry stakeholders to create awareness and work in a collaborative manner towards promoting sustainability in the sector

Conducting road shows in major spice-growing centers and inviting all business groups and farmers/SPS to present their interest and topics in the forum.


Creating Value Chain Linkages:

Establishing direct market linkages between farmers and end users, retail brands and exporters for sustainable products. This would encourage farmers and farmers producing organizations (FPO) to adopt sustainable farming practices.


Promoting Sustainable Agricultural Practices:

Training the trainers and farmers on sustainable standard of production in their local languages

Assisting the Ministry of Agriculture, Quality Council of India and FSSAI in establishing national standards for sustainability in spices.


Establishing Service Delivery Models:

Creating supply chain structures, which provide services such as training, access to inputs and finance to farmers.

Who Can Join?

All stakeholders in spices sector can join the program. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Spice producers or producing groups
  • Spice retailers
  • Spice exporters
  • Spice traders
  • Research & Academia

How to Join?

There is no financial commitment to join the program. By registering as a member, you agree to work collectively towards promoting sustainability in the sector. To join click here.

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